Get Gaming Thumbnail

Get Gaming

Get your squad together and organize a neighbourhood tournament! Split up into teams and jump into games and sports like cricket, badminton and cycling! Decide on prizes and make a big deal out of it!

Board Game Fun Thumbnail

Board Game Fun

Board Game Night! Get your friends to bring over their favourite board games and let the majority decide what to play! Serve chips and dip to keep the energy high, followed by a generous helping of Omoré!

Making Memories Thumbnail

Making Memories

Make a memories video with your friends. You wont need any hi-tech equipment, just good lighting and a couple of smartphones. Edit the clips together and laugh at your memories for years to come!

Photograph Your City Thumbnail

Photograph Your City

Get out into the city and do a photo series around your town. Take photographs of interesting places and people and learn the tricks of photo editing softwares to enhance your photos!

Community Lemonade Stand Thumbnail

Community Lemonade Stand

Set up a lemonade stand in your neighbourhood and hand out free drinks to passersby. The joy of giving back will make your day!

Scavenger Hunt at the Mall Thumbnail

Scavenger Hunt at the Mall

Hit the mall, break into teams and see which team can score the most things for free (without stealing, thank you very much). Award one point for each unique item, like perfume samples and shopping bags. Whichever team has the most points wins.