Our Story

Once upon a summer day, some people had a thought,
“Some ice-cream would be great, it’s so very hot!”

A couple wanted ice-lollies, another wanted a cone,
So off they skipped, to the shop in the zone.

“Hey there, shopkeeper, give us ice-cream!” they said,
“The freezer’s out there,” he replied, “Right next to the bread!”

They scrambled outside, and opened the big door,
But when they looked inside, they were happy no more.

“What’s this?” they cried, “This is the same old stuff!
We wish someone would make something new for us!

Like blueberry, and caramel and coconut too,
Exciting new things, for us and our crew!”

One of these people started using his head,
“Why don’t we do it ourselves!?” he said.

“We’ll make new ice-cream that will be exciting and fun,
We’ll be the first of our kind, innovative and yum!”

“That’s a great idea,” they said, and started right away,
With a focus on innovation and new flavours, hurray!

After a lot of hard work and in two years’ time,
A new brand was launched in 2009,

In cups and sticks and cones and tubs,
Available in shops and stores and clubs,

People were starved for options no more,
A new treat was in town, it was called Omoré!

About Us

Omoré is an ice-cream and frozen dessert brand of Engro Foods Limited.
Address: 5th Floor, Harbour Front Building, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Customer Hotline: 0800-TALUQ (82587)