Don’t forget to read these guidelines before sending us your photos:

  1. NO selfies. Do you think your features look best in selfies? We didn’t think so either! So please refrain from sending us any selfies.
  2. NO filters. Your face is beautiful without any unnecessary filters. Don’t feel shy!
  3. DSLR photos for the win. Because you look your best in them!
  4. NO dark photos. Were you born in the darkness or merely adopted it? Regardless, please don’t send us any pictures of you in the dark. Well-lit photos are always preferred.
  5. NO group photos. Solo shots always take the cake. If you must, then another friend in the frame wouldn’t hurt.
  6. NO unnecessary poses. Your face should be clearly visible in the photo!

And that’s about it! Oh and don’t worry if you don’t have a picture of your moment of happiness. Simply describe the moment in your story and send us your picture, we’ll do the rest!

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